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At Spinifex, a North Sydney marketing agency, we are here to help you navigate your way through the ever-changing marketing and advertising landscape...

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Our team

Working at Spinifex. To those of us in the company, that statement raises a smile. Turning up to the office every day at Spinifex doesn't feel like work. At Spinifex, the people make the company. We are a team at Spinifex in every sense of the word. Our skills complement each other and we firmly believe that working together brings out our best.

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Peter Huxley

Peter's dream of being an Australian champion was realised in 2010 when he scored the winning try to secure the World Masters Rugby Championship for the Mosman Whales Over 45 team. Speedy is what we call him and speed to market is a core strength. Peter's strategic thinking is world class and has been the core of our success for four and 20 years.

"Let's kick some goals."

Angela Hinchley

Ange’s passion is connecting the dots to solve a marketing problem. She’s been doing it for longer than she cares to remember and still gets out of bed for less than $10K a day.

"Treat your customer the way you want to be treated."

Kate Bensley

"Always keep the customer front of mind."

Lukas Perrott

After an illustrious career in vigilante crime fighting, Lukas became weary of leading a triple life (humble baker's assistant by day, race car driver in the afternoon, Lukas the Magnificent at night). So after sending a group email to his various arch nemeses, Lukas hung up his silk cape in favour of a high profile marketing job with Spinifex. Lukas enjoys all aspects of marketing; however, he specialises in website building, SEO tactics and talking to anyone who will listen.

"Don’t stray from your strategic objectives."

Sophie Jedlin

"Always give people more than they expect to get."

Rosie Pratt

Rosie left her native London in search of sun and surf and found ... marketing! Originally trained as a lawyer, she gets excited about all things digital, great design, travel and kangaroos. She can also put together a mean Gantt chart. Rosie is currently on leave after the birth of her second child – a delightful son – to join her beautiful daughter.

"Facebook might not be right for your brand and that's okay!"

Jan Montano

Jan keeps our developers in check and makes our website designs and concepts a reality.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Jennifer Ngamcharoen

The super-creative Jennifer has been in the design business for more than six years. With a flair for website design, Jennifer also loves music and can be found DJ-ing at various hot spots in and around Sydney.

"A great logo should work in multiple environments. It needs to look good both as a thumbnail and blown up on a poster."

Ben Hinchley

After spending several months in isolation deep in the Amazon Jungle to try to ascertain the meaning of life, Ben soon tired of his quest once he discovered that there was no Wi-Fi. He left the jungle with a full heart, a full beard and a dream of working in a marketing agency. Later that day he found himself a job in a marketing agency, the only one that didn’t ask him to shave off his glorious beard. Life has been good to Ben.

"I’m a big fan of doing what you are really bad at. A lot."

Callum Lee

Callum says he was working on non-Euclidean pillow fort when he created a time-space dilation that ended with a job at Spinifex. We don’t really get it either, but his analysis skills and thirst for research has been invaluable to Spinifex. Callum is currently studying for a BSc: Games Development, at UTS.

"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."

Richard Podmore

Richard has been a regular consultant at Spinifex for more than 15 years. He thrives at the quality control end of Spinifex’s output and has a passion for clear communication. He also has a passion for swimming, fine wine, sports, theatre, all sorts of music and especially being an involved dad for his two children.

"Double check external communications; a second person should check facts, figures and headlines before sending anything out of your office."

Christina Zantiotis

Christina realised she had a gift for numbers after a trip to Vegas with some girlfriends ended with the recent global economic crisis. After discovering that Christina could count to well past 100 without using fingers or toes, Spinifex hired her immediately in an attempt to balance out the rampant creativity with some grounded logic. The battle rages on.

"Everything adds up in the end. If it doesn’t add up, then it’s not the end."


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