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Working at Spinifex. To those of us in the company, that statement raises a smile. Turning up to the office every day at Spinifex doesn’t feel like work. At Spinifex, the people make the company. We are a team at Spinifex in every sense of the word. Our skills complement each other and we firmly believe that working together brings out our best.

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Peter Huxley

Managing Director & Strategist

Peter’s dream of being an Australian champion was realised in 2010 when he scored the winning try to secure the World Masters Rugby Championship for the Mosman Whales Over 45 team. Speedy is what we call him and speed to market is a core strength. Peter’s strategic thinking is world class and has been the core of our success for four and 20 years.

“Let’s kick some goals.”

Angela Hinchley

People, Passion & Fun Festivals

Angela is on the constant search for your brand truth and what that means for your customer. She has many passions, but at work she is at her happiest connecting the dots to solve a marketing problem. Maybe she’s never really grown up because she is always asking: “Why?”. The quickest way to get something done is to tell Ange it can’t be done.

“The key to success is understanding what success is.”

Kate Bensley

Marketing Maven

Kate joined the Spinifex team in 2007. She tried to leave twice but just keeps coming back for more. A world champion ballroom dancer, Kate has all the moves to help you twirl like a champion. Bringing up two young girls, Kate has her finger on the pulse of the current trends in social and other media and knows all the words to ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen.

“If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution.”

Jan Montano

Marketing Technologist

Starting out his life as a bundle of electrodes in ‘the cloud’, Jan soon graduated from A.I. school and began a promising career in world domination as SkyNet from The Terminator. However, soon tiring of the man versus machine daily grind and never having tasted a jam donut or knowing what it is to feel love, Jan created an artificial body for himself and was soon hired by Spinifex as the digital development manager. Jan enjoys managing his development team and still conquers the occasional small nation in his spare time.

“Computers have lots of memory but no imagination.”

Paul Lee

Transformer of Change

You can tell by Paul’s eclectic taste in music, he has always embraced change. Known in super hero circles as the Silver Fox, Paul’s super power is helping organisations embed and operationalize new ways of working. Before they know it, companies are developing an appetite for change and continual transformation. A rare skill to have.

When he is not leaping tall buildings, Paul is focusing on results and delivering significant business and personal benefits to those he works with.

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defence, never for attack.”

Jennifer Ngamcharoen

Design Diva

If you think it’s easy being a Royal Princess of the land of smile ... it is. So easy in fact that Jenny soon tired of unrelenting subservience from the masses and yearned for something a little more challenging. It was that day that Jenny decided to pursue her real passion. Pole vaulting. Soon after, Jenny lost her wallet down a stormwater drain and discovered that you don’t get stuff for free when you’re not a princess, so decided to pursue her OTHER passion with Spinifex – design.

“Great design challenges, infiltrates and inspires.”

Christina Zantiotis

Dollars & Dancing

Show her the money! Christina realised she had a gift for numbers after a trip to Vegas with some girlfriends ended with the GFC. After discovering that Christina could count to well past 100 without using fingers or toes, Spinifex hired her immediately in an attempt to balance out the rampant creativity with some grounded logic. We only let her work three days in case she doesn’t let us have champagne on a Friday. Where creative and profit meet – the battle rages on.

“Everything adds up in the end. If it doesn’t add up, then it’s not the end.”

Olivia Booth

Teller of Stories, Eater of Popcorn

There is not much about the youth zeitgest that Olivia doesn't know. Chillaxing in the beautiful Northern Beaches, Olivia finished her business and marketing degree and set off on an adventure to find a job. After travelling for an hour she landed at Spinifex and has been telling stories ever since. When not telling stories, Olivia is flying drones and working out how to get a popcorn client.

“A brand is a matter of perception. You need to resonate with your customers.”

Rosie Pratt

Problem Solver, Solution Seeker

After discovering that Double Jeopardy was actually a thing and not just a brilliant movie, Rosie became disenfranchised with her career in law in the UK and decided to take up extreme long distance swimming. After many weeks of backstroke she found Australia, and decided to call it ‘Rosieland’. Spinifex came across Rosie right around the time that she discovered Australia already had a name and a local population, and admiring her creativity and swimming ability, hired her on the spot. With her background in law, Rosie ensures our criminal activity remains minimal.

“Great marketing comes from understanding your customer.”

Richard Podmore

Editor, Spotter of Bold Full Stops

In a world of fake news and questionable truths, Richard sees pedantic as a badge of honour. The last bastion of truth, justice and the right way to spell, Richard enjoys keeping us on our toes. He seeks out the truth when fact checking our work to ensure that we can give the right information to the right people at the right time. When not getting his red pen out, he can be found baking award-winning sourdough bread, competing in the odd (short) ocean swim or relaxing with a glass of wine.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Michael Hambly

Customer Relationship Marketer

When Michael is not jumping around in stripy pyjamas he is usually cooking up a storm and serving it with a lovely red. Michael, a seasoned professional, returned to Spinifex in 2016 after a 15-year break. His warmth and professionalism make up for his support of the Adelaide Crows. A professional chatter … what Michael doesn’t know about you isn’t worth knowing.

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”


You can see more of our team and our culture on our Facebook and Instagram.

“We are your partner in the creation and
execution of strategic marketing initiatives.”