Termites. No-one wants them. No-one likes them.

How do you get apathetic homeowners to think Sentricon if they have a termite problem?





The challenge was clear. Our strategic research showed the lack of knowledge about termites amongst homeowners and the apathy to do something even if homeowners did know about these destructive pests. 

Enter stage left: Termite Awareness Week. A week dedicated to promoting the damage caused by termites. 




Utilising a mix of advertorial and solicited coverage to ensure the campaign generated and maintained a constant barrage of media coverage. A video news release was created with key international spokespeople and Termite Awareness Week turned into a ‘call to action’. 




According to Channel Ten, Australia was under threat of a termite invasion. More than 14 million people were exposed to the Sentricon brand through solicited coverage alone. A further eight-and-a-half million people were exposed to the paid advertorial and advertising content designed by Spinifex.

This literally catapulted the Sentricon brand into the headlines.

In fact our campaign was so succesful that the pest controllers installing Sentricon complained that they had received too many phone calls.