Douwe Egberts

Barista of the Year (1997)

Douwe Egberts approached Spinifex in 1997 with a desire to build the Piazza d’Oro brand. It had to be bold and highly effective – but affordable.

Now it’s become an oldie but a goodie. However, in 1998 Spinifex pitched the idea of the Barista of the Year competition to Douwe Egberts. It was a huge success and the concept went on to be copied by many others.

This was the first.




Our job was to launch Piazza d’Oro. 

Spinifex had to get the Piazza d’Oro name out there – but more than that, it had to concurrently appeal to the highly specialised food service and consumer markets. The Barista of the Year was born. 




Starting as a local search for Sydney’s best barista (and yes, back then there were people who were unaware that a barista is an espresso maker), it evolved into a national competition, the Piazza d’Oro Barista of the Year.

Held over two months in five states, Spinifex developed, planned and executed the event that attracted 400 entrants and helped catapult the brand into the headlines.




The National Barista of the Year (NATBOY) was a highly successful annual event that combined events management, video production, media relations and business to business communication.

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