Clinical Genomics

Let's talk about poo, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Especially when it means we are helping a brand with the fight against one of Australia’s biggest killers – bowel cancer.

In 2014, Clinical Genomics were looking to launch a new bowel cancer screening test into the Australian market and asked Spinifex to help get Australia using their test…




First  on the agenda was trying to sort out the cluttered marketplace. More than 15 different organisations making noise but not necessarily making sense or getting cut through. If they were, bowel cancer wouldn't be the 2nd biggest killer of Australians.

Clinical Genomics needed to turn down the noise and create some clarity. So we started with creation of a brand identity with a focus on loving life and a multichannel campaign targeting key health influencers and the end user.




Let's face it no one wants to poop in a jar! The Clinical Genomics test, Colovantage Home makes testing for bowel cancer easy. 

Our first step was consistency of message and image. We created training materials for pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, a new website for consumers, easy instruction guides for users a range of point of sale materials for workplaces and pharmacies. 

The first step is to get people to ask -  How can I screen today?  





Some consistent and constant messages were created for multiple channels from pharmacy to GPs.  Screening numbers are on the rise. 

Have you screened for bowel cancer yet?  Click here to purchase your at home test.