Woody Weed Specialists

If the only weed you’ve ever seen is one in your Mum’s rose garden then you’re most probably not aware that weeds cost the Australian economy billions.

The impact on agricultural and natural ecosystems is massive. It’s a serious and complicated fight. You need experts with advice, resources, tools and knowledge to beat them. That’s when you need the Woody Weed Specialists.




Global company Corteva (a merger of Dow and Dupont) has the experts but we need to make their knowledge available to all, at scale.

Greater scalability means embracing digitalisation. It must bring the right expert knowledge and tools at the right time to both big and small landholders, contractors, resellers and local councils so they can make the right decisions with their limited resources.




Package up customisable woody weed specific information so that resellers and local councils own and get the message out.

Support with social media posts and regular emails to get the community talking about problems and solutions when it is the most effective time to control woody weeds.

Provide how-to videos, downloadable technical sheets and guides on how to control specific weeds in your own geographic region.

Make it easy with smart phone and tablet apps to create your own plan of attack on the weeds against which you are defending your land.

Provide a help line with experts standing by to take your call. Deploy on a digital platform. Call it the Woody Weed Specialists.




Thousands of website visitors, hundreds of callers to the help line, hundreds of social media likes and shares each month.

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