Bayer Amplify Pest

Distribution owns the customer. Premium brands often compete directly with the distributor’s own generic brand.

How do you get to busy small business people and win their loyalty?




Small pest control companies are experts on pest control – but are not experts when it comes to marketing their business or training their team.

Why not buy Bayer products, and get marketing and training for free?




Build the tools and training to assist small pest control operators to market their business like corporates and access the best industry training, online.

Do it using a low-cost digital model.




Bayer launched Bayer Amplify, an online portal that offers customised marketing materials and online training courses to support pest control companies that buy their products.

We then added an outbound customer service, which targeted the 80 per cent of customers having one to five employees. It generated hundreds of hot leads for a time-starved sales team to focus their limited resources on.

Bayer Amplify case study