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Maintaining your competitive edge means being innovative today. It starts with actionable insights that excite stakeholders and deliver new opportunities for growth and performance.

Discovery is central to what Spinifex does.

We use a mix of research tools to discover those insights. Spinifex deploys quantitative and qualitative research, data analysis, literature reviews, case studies and action research to uncover insights.

Our insights drive strategy. Our strategy is designed to be executable. Only then can we deliver the results our clients want.


What insights can we share with you?

The Power of Partnership: Surrounding yourself with expertise for success

Some of the best leaders I know understand that leadership isn't a solo act. They understand the profound impact of surrounding themselves with diverse partners who bring complementary skills and knowledge. These leaders understand that they don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed and see the value of including other tools in their shed to get the job done.

Voice, Values & Actions – what happens when they aren't aligned

When running brand workshops for small businesses and start-ups, we are often questioned about the need for values and a voice when developing the brand. At that moment it’s all about the logo and company name and whether that passes the court of public opinion. Will their partners, friends and family like it and give them a high five?

Launching learning adventures: How tech and teaching fuel student success!

Technology is transforming learning. And whilst it is well recognised that it cannot (currently!) replace the human learning dimension between educators and students’, technology can prove to be learning’s powerful rocket engine.

Tips for mastering market research. 

Don’t guess, ask! How market research might be the edge your business needs.

Gambling is not for the faint hearted. Especially when your product, campaign or company’s success could be at risk.  

Marketing is about conversations.

Ever meet someone who only talks about themselves? It feels so disappointing. A lost opportunity.

This scenario is mirrored in the behaviour of some marketers within their brand marketing strategies. Indeed, marketers frequently overlook the fundamental aspect that effective marketing is a two-way conversation ... 

Learning is frustrating when learners must do all the heavy lifting.

Even for adults, learning something new can be like the first day at school. You’re on roller coaster, but instead of screaming, you’re calculating missile trajectories.

Observations from the 15th floor.

This story begins on New Year’s Eve 1995. My friend Barbara and I made a decision. A decision to start a business. We were married, Barb had a beautiful daughter and we were sick of ‘working for the man’. It was time to strike out on our own.

What if your current skills were less relevant in two years?

If the half-life of skills is as little two-and-a-half years, learning new skills fast suddenly becomes very important. Learning faster than your competitors is a business imperative if the assets wear shoes ...

Reskill fast. Forget tactical and get strategic.

Gartner analysis in 2020 suggests that only eight of the 12 skills you brought to the job are relevant now and there are 10 new skills you will need to learn to do your job ...

The rush to digitise requires new skills.
Does it?

Yes! The pandemic has magnified the need for new skills as organisations adapt to new ways of working with rolling lockdowns, travel bans and home offices. But if this is just catch-up to get back to somewhere near normal, then the organisation is just surviving not growing. Those dust clouds on the horizon are the advancing columns of competitors stealing talent, innovating fast and using technology to disrupt ...

A learning principle for lifelong learning.

These are the three dimensions of Jesuit pedagogical philosophy that lie at the core of Jesuit education. The back story is that the Jesuits are a religious order founded by a soldier who turned priest, Ignatius de Loyola, in the 1500s. Today, around the world and here in Australia, there is Jesuit involvement in tertiary education, academic research, public policy and university colleges, as well as some well-known schools ...

Learning in the middle of disruption.

Maintaining growth and competitiveness in this age of innovation means adopting new technologies before competitors can. The fight to attract specialised talent or to find the skills required means a rethink across the entire business, from hiring to reskilling and growing talent ...

The future of work is now.
Are we ready?

Interestingly, in Australia we are more ready for some future technologies when compared to the rest of Asia Pacific. But with work defined by automation, maybe we are not as ready as we should be. In the adoption of new technologies like machine learning, new optical and mobility technologies and nanotechnology, we lag in more ways than one ...

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