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About us

We are your partner in the creation and execution of strategic marketing initiatives. We work with people looking for a real business partnership based on mutual respect.

Our work

Great ideas that work.
That’s our promise.
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Our clients

From start-ups and local businesses to some of the most established brands in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.



Vet and pet

Spinifex has a great deal of experience in marketing to vets, vet nurses and pet owners.

We know the difference between a flea and a louse, a hookworm and a heartworm. We understand that vet practices are small businesses and vets spend most of their time working in their business rather than on it. We get that pets are integral to the family these days and in some ways actually replace the family.

Marketing in the pet industry is exciting, rewarding and something we are very passionate about.


It was born from perfect storm. A death in training, a desire to transform and a team keen to try something new. We had our work cutout for us. We had to quickly and decisively understand the issues, understand the perceived and REAL constraints and create training that was scalable, able to be deployed remotely and engaged the students to think.

We follow and deliver training to the latest adult education andragogy. We hold ourselves accountable to the training and assessment standards for training organisations, which ensures high-quality training and assessment for vocational education, and meet the development needs of individuals and Defence.

Rural industry

We understand that farming is a business and a way of life. We have been working in the rural industry since the dawn of time.

We practise what we preach. All our team members spend time on farms, so we know the difference between a merino and a prime lamb, a canola crop and sorghum. We have very understanding friends with large sheep, cattle and cropping enterprises who just love our help when it comes to drenching, docking and mustering.

Environmental sciences

The pest control industry is going through a paradigm shift. Consumers are demanding. Regulatory bodies are demanding. In fact everyone is more demanding, even the clients.
We love a challenge.

Whether it’s attracting new clients so the company’s technicians can keep their jobs (an ROI defining moment in marketing) or maintaining brand and product loyalty in the face of a cheap generics storm that puts product extinction up there with asteroid collisions ...

This challenge has taken us across the world and back helping to add value to brands in new and innovative ways from Australia to France and South Africa and back.

Food – retail and service

Angela cut her teeth in public relations eating Lindor Balls and drinking Grange. Tough job but someone had to do it. From that small beginning grew a love and knowledge of food.

Over the years we have worked with Douwe Egberts, Campbell Arnott’s, George Weston Foods, Spanish Olive Oil and a variety of other premium food companies. At the core of all our work is a knowledge of the industry, a love of food and an unbridled passion to share that love with the world.

We could wax lyrical but check out our work instead.

Human health

We’ve worked in animal health for more than 20 years and humans are just one kind! From our solid basis of health promotion, Angela saved lives in the early ’90s working with the QUIT campaign and a youth alcohol initiative.

More recently we’ve been involved with a variety of health issues such as bowel cancer testing and prevention.

Financial and professional services

We started working in the finance industry with one idea. Was it possible to make banking, warranties, insurance and managed services interesting? Well who knew, actually it is!

How do you create compelling experiences around governance, managing product warranties, insurance claims and small loans that can solve big problems?

We take an evidenced-based, customer-focus-first approach. What we do well is take complex messages, comprehend them and communicate them in language the customer will understand. Oh, and you should see what we can do with a spreadsheet and how good we look in suits.