Blackmores Infant Formula

Market research (2018)

With a proven reputation for delivering the best in nutritional supplements, Blackmores has developed one of the best infant formulas on the market. But if you can’t advertise to mums with babies under 12 months of age, how do you get the word out?




There are already lots of reputable brands already in the market.

Doctors, clinicians and pharmacists are the traditional key influencers but they are difficult and costly to approach and persuade.

Let’s look at that traditional picture and see what falls out.




Survey 220 mums with children under the age of 2 years old.


Lots of great insights into who uses formula, when and why, and what are their concerns, where they go for advice and who and what has the most influence.

What was new was that their mothers and their spouses were the greatest influencers over how they feed their baby.

Enter Mothers 4 Mums and Team Baby.