What if 80% of customers deliver 50% of sales?

The traditional 80/20 rule suggests you focus on the 20% of bigger customers who deliver 80% of your sales.
Big customers attract not only you but competitors too.

Smaller customers are hard to target as the decision maker is working in the business, but the returns can be more profitable. 

What’s at risk? 

A marketing manager needs courage when they decide to invest in an innovative way to connect with SMEs and offer a unique customer experience – that is bigger than some new creative, a new email campaign, social media posts and a few dazzling sales promotions.

Exceptional customer experiences?

Insights can be everything, especially if they lead to reimaging new ways to build customer loyalty, product sales and greater market share.


We discover insights. 

Growing your customers’ businesses means growing your business. 

Spinifex conducted research that identified the client’s customers by their business goals.

Our insights revealed ‘ambitious newbies’ wanted help not only to market and grow their businesses but also valued continuous professional development for their technicians.

However, the best insight was that customers were prepared to reward this support with their product loyalty. 

We design executable strategies.

People and digital platforms. 

Ambitious newbies are not only start-ups but also SME performers wanting more growth.



Spinifex used research to quantify the value of customisable marketing tools and tips, micro-lessons and short courses in an online learning space to connect the client not only with their customers’ decision makers but also with their subordinate technicians.



Being an expert in pest control doesn’t mean you are an expert in marketing your business. Spinifex designed a digital platform offering tips, tools and templates for which the customer registers to access. Once engaged, registered customers were served curated content about the client’s products, and training on how to use them cost-effectively. At the relevant moment, access to experts in the appropriate field was offered.



How does helping customers translate into product sales? Knowing exactly when customers want to know about your products allows personalisation, serving the right resources in a timely manner.


We deliver transformative solutions that realise the results. 

Innovation that delivers results. 

The exceptional required Spinifex to attract SME business owners and their technicians and offer help to realise their greater potential and win their loyalty.

Our team went to work with the client’s team and built a digital platform using a test-and-learn agile process – an engaging program of tools and knowledge, as well as a communications plan designed to attract SME customers.

Each part was measured in real time, results analysed and target correction made to ensure key performance indicators were met.  



Exceptional customer experiences. 


Learning courses and marketing tools and templates were evaluated on their uptake, allowing iterative changes to ensure customer engagement.

Data analysis showed which customers were engaged, considering client products or evaluating their use in their business. 

Our team working with the client’s team generated timely leads to their sales team so they could prioritise their efforts on best customer growth opportunities. 


Build better customer experiences.

Spinifex acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as First Australians and recognises their culture, history, diversity and their deep connection to the land. We acknowledge that Spinifex operates on the land of the Traditional Custodians and pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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