Collaborating to deliver exceptional.

Politics, conservatism, aggrieved and exasperated stakeholders and a $3.6 billion industry in the crosshairs.
Science provided a transformative solution, but success required transforming hearts and minds.

What’s at risk? 

A business leader committed his product marketing and sales team to a new animal healthcare product. It means creating a new market in the face of a raging political storm. But the outcome would mean solving a significant health and welfare risk to Australian sheep.

Exceptional opportunity? Oh, and you cannot mention the product by name in any communications.

Rethink 80 years of practice.


It’s more than just the cost. 

WARNING. Skip this if you’re squeamish.

A ruthless killer called Lucilia cuprina, the Australian sheep blowfly less than half the size of a 5-cent piece, lays her eggs in the damp wool on sheep, especially around the tail. The eggs hatch into maggots that then feed on the living flesh, causing a serious welfare problem – and death. Flystrike costs sheep farmers $280 million a year, but more than that, reducing the risk has immense benefits to the health and wellbeing of sheep.


We discover insights. 

We started with a question.

Medical research uncovered the insight that a pain relief application used in children presenting with skin abrasion could relieve pain in lambs.

The pain relief solution combines a local anaesthetic and antiseptic gel spray that numbs wounds with a long-lasting analgesic effect.

The market was estimated at more than 17 million lambs.

Spinifex surveyed sheep farmers and found 82% believed wound healing and provision of pain relief would be important in lamb management practices.

We design executable strategies.

People and digital platforms.

Spinifex designed a program called Better Choices.



An audited welfare program was developed for woolgrowers that enabled them to certify that their wool product was derived from best-practice methods in the care of their animals. The program required getting all stakeholders, from wool brokers to manufacturers, retailers and animal liberation groups, to agree.



The innovative program required not only an accessible digital platform to capture on-farm data for wool marketing but also an education program on what was required of woolgrowers.



To execute the program, support was needed in the wool shed, communicating effectively to sheep producers, allowing them to achieve real value from their better choice.


We deliver transformative solutions that realise the results. 

Time to make a Better Choice.

The exceptional requires, first, attention to detail. That is, recognising the full extent of the challenges and a commitment and courage to overcome those to realise the full potential.

Spinifex collaborated with Bayer and other industry stakeholders to craft, test and deploy the creative communications, to change farmer attitudes and stakeholder mindsets and, importantly, to market and sell product.  



In a conservative industry, an exceptional result.


Spinifex believes in shared accountability. Your goals are our goals. Delivering outcomes requires not just creative ideas and clever strategies but also cultural change. That includes changing attitudes, taking a leadership role, inspiring honest advocacy, training new skills or deploying new practices and procedures.

The Better Choices audited digital platform captured data on woolgrowers using the program.
When compared to the total industry it indicated six in 10 lambs now receive pain relief. 


Ready to make the marketing of your next product an exceptional experience?

Spinifex acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as First Australians and recognises their culture, history, diversity and their deep connection to the land. We acknowledge that Spinifex operates on the land of the Traditional Custodians and pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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