Our Industries

Combined Arms Training Centre 

School of Artillery NCO training

Number 4! Fire!

The trainees are Non-Commissioned officers attending a four week gunnery course for Sergeant. In collaboration with instructors Spinifex first identifyed teaching points that were difficult to teach or where limited resources and time left gaps in capability.

Transforming the theory component of the course using technology to redefine learning, Spinifex created over 4 units with over 40 lessons.



Transition a classroom, instructor-led course to an engaging Blended Learning course and deliver better learning outcomes. And enable learning content to be shared with other courses.


Resources are costly and practice is expensive especially at the gun line. Time and costs constrain practice opportunities and limit exposure to realistic scenarios.



Design a learning strategy that uses technology to redefine learning providing a simulated workplace learning environment that allows opportunity for constructive and authentic learning.

Develop. Implement. Evaluate.

Create video case studies, animation, simulated audio and virtual reality to provide worked examples and problem pairs to engage students in critical thinking and reflection.



Practice makes more perfect. Experience gained through reviewing case studies and technology-enabled simulated practice in Virtual Reality can achieve better learning outcomes.