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Client: Defence Enterprise Learning and Training Authority 

Learning centre manager and facilitator course

Training instructors, adept in in delivering training from the front of the classroom using PowerPoint and coach trainees in the field, now find themselves rapidly having to barrier to entry is just being able to drive the new system. Just how do you use the technology to create courses and navigate different templates, enrolling trainees, and the myriad of other basic tasks required to fulfil a new role? Oh and provide for a range of different skill levels and knowledge?



1,000s of instructors, course developers and training managers need to learn how to use the Australian Defence College Learning Management System (ADELE). Fast.


"I just need to know the next step." "Job done."
An “on-the-job” micro-lesson would deliver the knowledge required to learn that next step in the task, at the point of need.



Design a learning strategy where learners with different levels of knowledge and different roles can informally learn how to use ADELE and easily deliver engaging online training.

Develop. Implement.

50 bite-sized videos were created. Micro-lessons were deployed. Student feedback used to iteratively improve. Speed the transition to a digital learning environment.



Instead of taking you away from work to learn, it’s about bringing learning into flow of work where and when you need it to perform.