A better customer, partner and stakeholder experience. 

Connect, learn, inform, transact.

Discovering termites are attacking your single biggest investment, your home, can be shattering.

What’s at risk? 

It is challenging to sell your product into the construction industry where ownership changes hands multiple times and where different decision-makers and influencers downstream can determine its success.

As a product portfolio manager, our client was spurred on in the search for an innovative solution to rebalance the odds in their favour in a highly competitive and often volatile market. New generic competitors were getting their mandibles around downstream customers and creating a commodity market driven by price.


An exceptional way to reconnect with all stakeholders.

Insights can be everything, especially if they lead to reimaging new ways to connect homeowner customers with installers, inspectors and termite protection.


We discover insights. 

What keeps homeowners sleepless at night? Termites.

The research conducted by Spinifex identified that many homeowners had experienced termite activity around or even in their homes. Their concern about termites and their property was high, but their knowledge of termites as a pest was low. Significantly for homeowners, finding those in the trade they could trust to protect them and their buildings was also low.


We design executable strategies.

Solution? A dating site ...
where homeowners worried about termites can connect with the right information, accredited installers, inspectors and a peace-of-mind warranty.



Spinifex used research to quantify the value of termite protection to homeowners and test concepts. Nearly half surveyed had experienced termite activity on their property. A strategy was designed that provided a digital platform where homeowners can determine the status of their property’s termite protection, find relevant information and connect with qualified termite inspectors.



Spinifex developed a digital platform and communications program to allow product installers to register their Kordon product installation data, and homeowners to buy a protection warranty. Homeowners are notified where they can find their property termite protection status and connect with accredited timber pest inspectors to provide annual inspections.



Kordon product installers needed training, timber pest inspectors needed recruiting and accrediting, and an annual communications campaign was launched to inform homeowners of the resources and assistance available.


We deliver transformative solutions that realise the results. 

Innovation that delivers results.

The exceptional required Spinifex to understand what was in it for each stakeholder group to participate. Installers want lifetime customers. Homeowners want peace of mind. Timber pest inspectors want liability protection.

Our team went to work with our client’s team, building a digital platform and communications program using a test-and-learn agile process, an engaging program of communication with stakeholders to successfully deliver a better customer experience.

Data analysis was used to analyse results, and target correction was made to ensure key performance indicators were met.



Exceptional customer experiences. 


One place to learn about the termite protection installed when your property was built, understand termite risk, compare warranties, and find an accredited and qualified timber pest inspector. What starts with a product installed during construction becomes a one-stop shop for successive property owners who want termite protection.


Build better customer experiences.

Spinifex acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as First Australians and recognises their culture, history, diversity and their deep connection to the land. We acknowledge that Spinifex operates on the land of the Traditional Custodians and pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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