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Better Choices

Animal rights groups take aim at farmers over the 80-year-old practice of mulesing to protect their sheep from potentially fatal blowfly infestations.

A compromise? Pain relief. The problem – an extra dollar per lamb. Not a lot unless you run between 2000 and 10,000 lambs.




A program called Better Choices. 
An audited welfare program for woolgrowers that enabled them to achieve and certify that their wool product is derived from best-practice methods in the care of their animals.




The whole shebang. Newsletters, a television commercial, farmer nights, point-of-sale advertising, direct mail and a website that allowed people to register that they had made a ‘Better Choice’.




Some 60 per cent of Australian lambs are now treated with the pain relief and antiseptic delivered in the Better Choices program – a figure that continues to grow. 

And more than 3600 people have pledged to support farmers that make Better Choices.

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